Law Reform Commission of Western Australia
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Contribute to Law Reform

Law Reform Process

The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia makes recommendations for the reform of areas of the law referred to it by the Attorney General. Once the terms of reference are settled, the work generally goes through a number of stages.

  • The Commission receives a reference from the Attorney General.
  • The Commission engages consultants for research, writing and editing.
  • An Issues Paper or Discussion Paper is published explaining the key issues and providing a basis for consultation.
  • Submissions are invited from any interested individuals or groups.
  • Consultations are undertaken with members of the community, workers in the field and other relevant agencies/groups.
  • A report is published with recommendations for changes to the law.
  • The Attorney General tables the report in parliament.
  • Parliament decides whether to implement the recommendations (in whole or in part) through legislation.

Last updated: 30-Jan-2017

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