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Submissions policy

The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia welcomes submissions on topics being investigated in its current inquiries. The Commission seeks submissions from a broad cross-section of the community, as well as from those with a special interest or expertise in the area of law under investigation

How to make a submission

A submission may be made in writing or by phone. You may choose to comment on all aspects of a project or only those issues in which you have a particular interest or expertise. There is no particular form or format you need to follow; however, it would assist the Commission if you addressed your comments to the specific proposals or questions canvassed in the relevant Issues Paper or Discussion Paper.


Submissions are considered an important source of evidence to the Commission’s inquiries. The Commission may therefore quote from or refer to submissions in its publications. If you want your submission to remain confidential you must clearly advise us whether:

  • you permit your submission to be quoted from or discussed but your name not to be disclosed; or
  • you do not permit your submission to be quoted or discussed in a Commission publication.

Last updated: 30-Jan-2017

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